Diggin deep

Day 63: 2 clementines, a bowl of crunchy oats with milk, pasta with broccoli; 1 crostone with cavolo nero and cannellini beans, Cornish sardines and roast potatoes; red wine. (picture credit: Bono)

This is a picture of my perfect ass, taken by my friend at the weekend while I was playing treasure trove with Propeller. The little bastard had collected so much stuff that I had to put my whole arm inside the pristine waters and pull out all those marvellous bits of plastic, Indian clothing, non-identified objects reduced to strings and bones that little Propeller had collected during our short trip.

I’ve done loads of deep digging into the waters of my more or less conscious mind over the past months. And I’ve found some good stuff and some rubbish. I definitely know now that my ass looks good when I sit in that position. And you, how deep are you diggin?


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