Random shit

Day 70: 1 clementine, passion fruit yogurt with banana, psyllium husks, honey, coconut flakes; dhal with spinach and colin-flower; 2 chocolate digestives; spinach and ricotta ravioli with butter and sage, some ham, lettuce and lamb lettuce; whisky.
  1. for my friend who said he couldn’t see the shape of my poo, but really wanted to. Is this showing the curves enough? I hope you’re now satisfied.
  2. i didn’t know pamela anderson was an activist until today, when i read her interview on jacobin magazine. she said she’s reading eternal fascism by umberto eco. so i read it too.
  3. i would like a new neck and a new set of shoulders, pain-free and with strong muscles.
  4. are we all just going to forget about brexshit? like, everyone is going to be too tired to think about it and we just don’t do it anymore. i think that would be our best option. and to hell jeremy corbyn too, you bresxshiteer.
  5. have almost no more coal left and the delivery man is not answering my texts.
  6. today i went to uxbridge to buy a new chimney hat because the wind took it overnight. uxbridge doesn’t have independent coffee shops. it’s costa or nothing. and i didn’t like that. costas and chains in general are just as bad as sundays.
  7. i’m trying to ignore point 5, unsuccessfully.
  8. i think today was the first time i understood exactly why a feminist movement has to be also anti-capitalist. better late than never, you are allowed to think / say.
  9. i often underestimate both my intelligence and my stupidity.
  10. numbered lists make me feel good about myself. they make me feel cool.
  11. still miss him ffs.
  12. tonight is the first time i see the moon from my sofa. it’s a perfect cheshire cat smile.
  13. is a lucky number in italy.