Street bags

Day 86: 1 orange, a couple of handful of crunchy oats, fried egg on toast; rice noodles with broccoli; loads of nachos with cheese and guacamole, fried calamari, beer.

I’ve done loads of miles in these three months. With the boat, moving West; walking around to discover the new locations where I moored, or to clear my mind and avoid going mad sitting inside and thinking about him over and over again in loops; and I did quite a few miles going back and forth to Hackney, my home, where many of the people I love live. All this moving around has been exhausting, but also good! To walk the streets is good. Because, among the other things, you can find bags to take pictures of when you don’t have a picture of your bag of shit. #surrogates #wearenearingtheend #soonnomorebags