Day 61: 1 orange, two small panini with smoked salmon and 1 avocado, a quarter of morello cherry and almond tart; some red wine; 3 pani puri, 1 bombay sandwich, 1 veggie biryani.

Two poos together in the bin smell bad, as you know. But they can also be friends. Friends are the best thing in the world, as my friend said. And I agree. And that thought, which of course could be the beginning of a very long reflection, ends here because it’s Sunday night and time to go sleep.

I’m just talking about friends because I hope someone will come pull me and the boat if the pins come out due to the gusty winds. Just joking. Not about the wind though. I may indeed wake up horizontal to the canal stream. Or somewhere else entirely, if the winds continue. At least I can’t complain that life on board is boring.