Day 79: 1 orange, 1 clementine; a bowl of crunchy oats with milk, salmon on sourdough; 2 falafel, baba ganoush, pitta bread, some lamb and chicken cubes; tomato soup, mixed salad leaves, half beef burger, 1 custard doughnut; beer.

Confetti in Italian doesn’t mean those small pieces of paper. It refers to little sweets, which wikepedia says in English go under the name of Jordan almonds. It’s custom to give them to people who come to your wedding. Or to the christening of your baby. But because I don’t see myself getting married or having a baby anytime soon, I’ve dressed my poo as a confetti. Take it as my humble offering to you, my readers, for your loyalty. Especially you, one person in Greece, and you, one person in the UK, and you, one person in Italy, who no matter what, are reading me everyday. But to all the other ones too who catch up weekly, monthly, or oddly. When I see you in person I will make sure I give you some special confetti.