Broken corks

Day 31: 2 eggs on toast, 1 bacon; whisky; beer; small bun with some meat and mayo inside;

After drying the bloody engine room, I finally went for a poo. I sat down and just as I was taking a shit some smart ass with a smart ass boat passed by so fast that the wave knocked down my whisky bottle from the table. And the cork broke. Is there anything more annoying than a broken cork? Yeah. People who pass by too fast with their boats while you’re taking a well-deserved shit. Or people who bump into you because they’re zombie-walking looking at their phones. Or people who ask you to repeat what you just said even though they have heard what you just said. Greasy tupperware. Clean, white trousers with thin belts. Small dogs. But broken corks are pretty annoying too, though.

Things get broken all the time. And then it’s good practice to try find a way to fix them, most of the time they are worth the effort – I am all for repair! Same with people, including yourself. It would be better to try fix yourself instead of throwing yourself into the bin, but who am I to judge, frankly. What does it even mean to fix oneself. Therapy? I had a friend who refused a priori to go to therapy, not because of a political choice (some people don’t believe in therapists because they say most of them only blame your parents for your problems instead of also blaming the fucked up world we live in) but because he believed people should preserve part of their ‘dark side’. Because, he said, that’s what makes us interesting and unique. Which I partly agree with – but anyway no amount of therapy will ever fix everything, nor should it. But also, to what extent does that dark side allow you to live a decent life? And what if you fuck up people all around you with your pretty, dark side? Because that’s what happens. All these damaged people having breakfast, taking a shit and then going out in the streets and doing damage to each other. We all do it, most of the time, no one exempt. Except that some are smart asses with smart ass fast boats that never stop until they run out of petrol, some are walking watching their phones and wake up only when they bang their head of a lamp post and others I don’t know, they just step on a shit and fall and drag someone else down by mistake.

Smart ass with the fast boat passed by a second time. But I have now put the bottle of whisky in a place where it can’t fall. Screw you.


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