Day 30? I’m not sure what I ate yesterday, or I can’t be asked to remember.

Today eggs. Two. Maybe three, who knows. Have no energy to cook greens or anything else other than eggs, nor the will to do so. My own eggs are preparing to break apart. It’s getting dark outside and everywhere else. I wish I didn’t have to write this. I wish eggs didn’t exist. I wish I was someone else somewhere else and there were no eggs anywhere in the world. An eggless world.

Once someone told me they run out of wood and didn’t want to face the world so started burning chairs, tables and everything else that was burnable. Then when that was all finished they tried tights. They don’t burn though, apparently. I have plenty of wood and coal and a few more eggs. And I could let myself sink here between the eggs and coal and wood until spring. There would be no more eggs by then. An eggless world. That’s what I wish now. An eggless world.


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