Night & Day

Day 38: Greek style yogurt with honey, psyllium husks, seeds, banana, raspberries and honey; banana cake; spinach & cheese Turkish pastry; cavolo nero and cannellini beans crostone; whisky.

Night and day, you are the one… used to sing Frank Sinatra. But there are two today, not just one, as you can see from the picture. That may be due to a higher intake of food, or to psyllium husks revealing its laxative properties or to the excitement of going out in West London. Because I did go out in West London. And it was strange. And a bit underwhelming. Or maybe very underwhelming. It’s not like East London at all. People either go to dark cocktail bars where they play horrible house music or to touristy pubs with too much light. Maybe I just went to all the wrong places. But a stranger I met as I walked back offered me black truffle crisps. Black truffle crisps. I didn’t know they were a thing. Never seen them in East London. They were delicious. So much better than sea salt or chilly or cheese and onion or quinoa crisps.