Hack your poo

Day 34: 2 clementines, half banana, blueberry yogurt, seeds and psyllium husks; bread with strawberry jam; tortellini spinach and ricotta, little bit of potato, cabbage and leak soup; polenta with mushrooms; whisky.

Since starting this blog I have received several videos, articles, books and songs relating to shit, love, or both. Then the other day a friend gave me this: a jar full of psyllium husks. You take one tsp a day with food and your poo becomes like jelly. This very natural substance helps you make such perfects poos that, apparently, you don’t even have to wipe your ass. I can tell you that I did feel the difference this morning. It was more jelly-like! And that was the result after having taken it for only a day. Imagine what will happen in a week. I will make such perfect poos that I will be able to sell them at my work’s canteen. Sweet chocolate Italian salami, £3.99 per slice. Then I will get one of my colleagues to interview me for the small business section. And I will finally make some money.

It doesn’t pass a day when I don’t hear from someone telling me this or that would be good for your blog, or this is for your inspiration folder. I love it how this shitty blog is keeping me in touch with friends who are near as well as those who are far away. Keep sending me stuff! There will always be a free bag for you.


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