3 mesi di merda

In Italian, ‘3 mesi di merda’ means 3 bad months, or what in English would translate as ‘3 shitty months’. But it could also mean, literally, 3 months worth of shit. And this is what this blog is about: it’s about shit. Both literally and metaphorically.

3 months is the average length of time it takes to start feeling better after a heartbreak, according to some dubious self-help website.

3 months is the the length of time that, as of the 1st of January, I shall be living on a boat alone, slowly heading west of London and trying to get over someone.

During these 3 cold, winter months, I will shit in a plastic bag because I don’t want to have to rinse it off my plastic box toilet. And because I like this idea a lot. I will record the event in the form of a daily picture, keeping track of what went into it. (and will aim to use biodegradable plastic where possible to placate my own liberal guilt).

During these 3 cold, winter months, I will try to get my shit together and reflect seriously on what it means to love, what it means to give a shit, why it’s important to give a shit about shit. And hopefully it will be about many other things shit-&-love related which I cannot possibly anticipate.

I will try my best not to be self indulgent or to end up doing a confessional blog. I promise I won’t use the word shit all the time. But I will do so now, one last time: below you can see my very first shit after my very first night on the boat. That’s a tuna-colinflower-potato-egg-salad shit. Enjoy!

shit 1
Day 1: Tuna, colin-flower, romanesco, potato, egg.

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