Livin’ it large


It’s day 76. And I didn’t poo. For the first time since the beginning of this blog, I didn’t create anything. So today I’m posting words by someone else. My friend who helped me move the boat at the weekend came up with this great rap. It’s called Livin’ it large. It’s genius. And I now want to make a music video. Please help me. We have less than two weeks.

Livin’ it large on ma barge
Glidin’ on da liquid street 
So many Coots ‘n’ Ducks t’ meet 
Bricks ‘n’ mortar don’t float dats why I’m here on da boat 
Wid my pal on da canal, this ain’t no shopping mall. 
There ain’t no head using a shopping bag instead 
Taking pee in da can 
And I’m carrying it, man.



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