Shit happens

Day 74: 1 clementine, porridge with honey and coconut flakes; pasta with ragu; some sweets and chocolate; beers: chicken caesar salad; whisky.

It does. And for the first time in 74 days, the bag broke. It broke just as I did the knot and was about to put it in the little bathroom bin. It broke and the poo spilled all over the bin’s lid and into the actual bin too. I did consider taking a picture of that mess. But I think you’re not just ready yet. Some of you may never be ready for that. So anyway, here’s a picture of the broken bag and a couple of tears. It’s poo tears. Poos cry too, what did you think!

In other ‘shit happens’ stories. The chimney hat I just bought? Gone. Yeah. Gone. It lasted, what, one day and half? Better than just one day I guess. I did look at it before leaving today and had that feeling of like ‘this may be the last time we see each other’. But instead of taking it off and putting it inside the boat, which is an action I could have easily chose to do, I left it there. Even if I knew that with the crazy wind it would have fly away. But I didn’t do anything. I just had that thought, and left. And now it’s gone.


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