Day 67: 1 clementine, 1 bowl of crunchy oats and triple chocolate chips; potato, colin-flower, boiled egg and tuna salad; veggie and tofu noodle soup; beer and wine.

Balance is a very temporary state. This bag of shit is at risk of falling off the edge of the bathroom furniture. Perhaps, after I took this photo, bag of shit fell off, impaled itself on an incense stick and its bowels unapologetically conquered the carpet floor. And that would have been a bit of a scene, because due to my unbalanced diet of cheese and ham toasties and chinese delicacies, I’ve not produced my best poos these days. But then the wind has been blowing very strong, and my whole balance has been shaken quite a bit. After unprecedented, and unwanted, demand, I’m back to the useless loops of thoughts, those very useful questions beginning with why & what if, and the careful rewinding, looking for god knows what kind of crack, sign that can put the mind to rest. Of course it’s the wrong place where to look for peace. As if I don’t know it.


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