Chocolate mousse

Day 57: 1 orange; 1 bacon sandwich; fusilli with pesto; 2 cheese twists; 1 pint of lager, half pint of Guinness.

Do you remember the story about poo donors? That you can donate your poo so that it can be transplanted into someone’s guts to cure them? That’s how they do it. They blend the poo with a blender and add a saline mixture. Then spray it inside through a colonoscopy or endoscopy. A friend sent me this great article by a journalist who had a really bad time until she had a poo transplant. That was the only thing that worked for her illness. And that’s common, that it works. But because pharma companies can’t make money on poo, this treatment doesn’t get enough research funding. What a shit, really. The CEOs of these companies are clearly too bitter and could really do with some sweet chocolate mousse.


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