Day 52: 1 clementine, 2×5 packs of biscuits with milk, bread with peach jam; 2 fried eggs, half kohlrabi, 2 slices of rye bread, 1 steamed leak; pizza ristorante funghi; red wine.

The mouth is such a multi-use thing. It’s a great part of the human and non human body. That’s the point of entrance of the food I eat and then shit in those plastic bags which you should know very well by now. I’m not banning them, I did shit in one this morning, but I feel I need a break from bags today.

Mouths. Mouths can be used to be really good and to be really bad. To bite ears off. Bite penises off. Tell people they’re cunts. Tell people they’ve hurt you. Be silent when you should speak up. Speak when it would have been better to stay silent. Mouths say I love you, kiss, lick elbows, lick asses. Mouths seduce. Mouths reduce food to bits, spit it, chew themselves in the night. Mouths tremble just before howling and screaming out in rage and despair. Mouths laugh. Mouths laugh. Mouths laugh. Mouths laugh themselves to madness and back.


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