Small is beautiful

Day 19: 2 tangerines, bread with avocado and ham; Colin-flower, potato, egg and tuna salad; linguine with tomato, leeks, capers and parsley; bread with ham; red wine.

This morning’s offering was very small. I don’t know why, I just wasn’t inspired. It was very very cold, which doesn’t help. Or maybe I’ve been eating too much pasta and bread. As you can see from this natura morta photo, it was smaller than a big French garlic and a medium size British onion. So small. So cute. Almost felt like cuddling it there and then. (But no, I didn’t, I quickly threw it in the bin.) Small things and creatures can trigger some sort of protection instinct in fellow creatures. But actually I think the smaller, the feistier. Think of small dogs: they’re often really aggressive. Or small penises: those who have it very often really make an effort, they, like, really go for it, much more than those who have bigger things. I know people have divergent opinions on this. We can discuss further if you want.

I’m writing this post from my phone because my laptop has run out of battery and the boat’s batteries are also running low. So I’m looking at the small screen, typing with just one finger, and just one candle on to lit the room. And I’ll just keep this post short and sweet.


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