Show ’em

Day 11: 2 tangerines, bread with nutella; pasta with mushrooms, sausage, cream and parmigiano; 0% fat blueberry yogurt, 1 tangerine, 1 banana; whisky.

My rich neighbours in Camden must have seen many things over the years they’ve had the luck to live here, but I bet no one has ever intentionally showed them a plastic bag with some human excrement in it. So this morning I did. And I’ve made the artistic choice of leaving the picture as it is, no filter, which is perhaps a bit disgusting – and I apologise if I’m upsetting your breakfast – but I think this is the right thing to do.

I don’t hate my rich neighbours – they may have bought this house when it was really cheap, when you could still buy a house, they may be nice people, they may have bad breath. Who knows. I have noticed that they keep all the lights on until late at night but no one ever seems to be in the house. Strange people, these rich people. They have more, yet studies have showed they are known to give less than those who have less.

The canal divides us, and maybe some other things too. And I think of love and class divide. How still to this day, we are very much likely to couple with people in our own class. And I now wonder if that was ever a problem.


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