Loving oneself

This blog could have been about anything. It could have been about more ‘political’ stuff. It could have been about how more people chose to live on boats because they can’t afford to buy a flat. It could have been about using too much plastic, too much coal, or about why we should or shouldn’t worry about these things as individuals. But I chose it to be about shit. And love. And for me, that’s a way to love myself. To allow myself to possibly go completely wrong, to do something which may be self indulgent, which may be shit, which may be I don’t know what. But I need to do this right now. It’s a form of self-discipline. And it makes me feel good.

Day 3: Several oranges; sausage, egg, trevisano, raw artichoke in pinzimonio; leftover dhal; several cornichons and pickled onions; whisky.

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